What to bring.

It’s not uncommon for the South Island of New Zealand to experience four seasons in one day so make sure you’re well prepared.

Rods, Reels, Line and Flies

Quality Rods and Reels can be provided. However, it’s usually best to bring your own rod that you’re familiar with, if that’s something you think would benefit. Most of the fishing covered by Sanctuary Guiding will require a 9-10ft 5-6wt rod. In times of high winds, a 7wt may be used. Some of the more advanced anglers may wish to drop down to 3-4wt rods on smaller streams. All leaders, tippet and quality flies tied by Sam are provided.

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Clothing/Bags/Polarised Sunglasses

Layering up is the best method with a warm thermal base layer. This allows you to be able to add or remove a layer depending on conditions. A good waterproof jacket is a must. A peaked cap or wide brimmed hat in a dull colour should also be worn. It’s pointless to have your guide spotting a fish for you, that ultimately you can’t see because of glare in your face.

Polarised sunglasses can be provided, but you should probably bring your own if you have them. Sam tends to recommend dark orange lenses as the best all round colour.

A backpack can be provided, but again if you have a comfortable one with a waist strap then bring it with you. Sanctuary Guiding has fairly limited clothing available so please prepare as best you can. The spare clothes we can provide is really only to be used in emergency situations.

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Waders and boots

Sanctuary Guiding can provide waders and boots at a cost of $50 per person, per day. However, there is a limited supply of waders and boots available. Usually the average size human can be accommodated, but if you are plus size and extra tall with big feet, or small with tiny feet, you will probably need to supply your own gear. If supplying your own boots, please make sure they are supportive and up to the task of walking over uneven terrain for a full days fishing. During hot summer days you may be “wet wading”. This consists of a pair of leggings and some swim shorts over the top along with a set of wading/hiking boots.

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