Meet Sam, your guide.

Samuel English is an experienced Fly fisherman and a member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association. Born in England in 1991, Sam was introduced to fly fishing in 2000 by his father. He grew up fishing large and small lakes, mainly for Rainbow Trout, and also his local rivers for Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout.

Sam would often disappear into the highlands of Scotland, usually alone, in search of his real passion, wild Brown Trout. In 2012, at the age of 21, after feeling he’d accomplished everything he could in the UK angling scene, Sam grabbed a backpack and flew to New Zealand with only one thing on his mind… Trout.

After becoming tired of engineering on large commercial construction sites back in England, Sam found himself Salmon farming in beautiful Twizel. Casual work allowed Sam to pursue his passion of flyfishing and he would spend every available moment he had out on the water, refining his techniques and falling in love with the place he now very much calls home. Here, he met his beautiful and loving wife Nicky (A chef, who makes a killer packed lunch and dinner by the way) and his Hungarian Vizsla dog, Hebe, who may be plucked from time to time to create some deadly fishing flies.

Sam knows the Mackenzie District and Central South Island very well, and a lot of the open valleys can require a fairly high level of casting skill, especially when that North West wind picks up, so it will pay to practice your casting before your trip. But no matter your skill level, whether you’re a day one beginner or an advanced angler, Sam will refine your techniques and find the water to suit your needs.

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Flyfishing and fly tying are Sam’s true passions in life, along with writing articles for Flylife magazine. Check out his Instagram page Sanctuaryguiding to follow some of his adventures.

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